Freedom in Relationship

Problems or limitations in relationships often drive us to seek freedom from relationship. In these twelve-talks, Pujya Swamiji teaches how we might enjoy freedom in relationship. By confining the problems to roles, we discover a wholeness that enriches all our relationships. An Audio Course (Course Code – AVG0610) Vedanta In Daily Life: Freedom in Relationship by …

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Freedom from Sadness

Sorrow is neither caused by the world nor is it caused by any simple. In these classes, Pujya Swamiji helps us to examine the nature and cause of sadness due to sorrowful thinking. Also, we learn how to see the facts more clearly and thereby gain the upper hand of objective thinking in the management …

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Taittiriya Upanisad Chanting

Taittiriya Upanisad Chanting: Shikshaa Valli Ananda Valli Bhrgu Valli A Free Audio Course on Vedanta Texts- Upanisad :  Taittiriya Upanisad Chanting by Swami Tattvavidananda Saraswati.

Bringing Isvara into Our Life

The sastra teaches us that all that is here is Isvara. If this is understood, Isvara cannot be brought in or discarded: Isvara just is. If it is not understood, we need to first come to some relative appreciation of this fact, by deliberately “bringing” Isvara into our lives. How? If Isvara is already everything …

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Emotional Maturity

This set of five classes addresses the issues we face as we graduate from college and enter the workforce. Here, young adults will find inspiration for continuing their studies and for working in dharmic activities as they enter the next phase of life. These talks are also excellent for adults of any age in recognizing …

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Meditations on Meditative Life

Classes on Meditations by Pujya Swami Dayananda. An Audio Course (Course Code – AVG1204) on Meditation: Meditations on Meditative Life by Swami Dayananda Saraswati.

Values and Conflicts

Our quality of life is always threatened by conflict. In these courses, Swamiji shows that the root of all conflict is not outside, but within, and that we encounter this inner conflict whenever we must negotiate personal desires versus universal values. Swamiji addresses how to manage-and resolve-this pervasive conflict during this series of classes. A …

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In these talks Swamiji unfolds the subject of “awareness”. First Swamiji walks us slowly through the recognition of the objects of our knowledge and their self existence including the body0mind complex of the individual. With that recognition or awareness, we then only have to cross the bridge to “limitless awareness”, not an easy jump to …

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Siva Manasa Puja

In these classes, Swamiji explains sivamanasa puja, composed by Adi Shankara for Lord Siva. With stotram, we can perform mental worship of Lord. An Audio Course on Devotion & Prayers : Siva Manasa Puja by Swami Dayananda Saraswati.