An Audio Course (Course Code – AVG123) on Ithihasa & Purana : Ramayana by Swami Dayananda Saraswati.

The word ‘Ramayana’ refers to the story of Rama. The word ‘ayanam’ means ‘path’ and here refers to a movement in time. Thus the word ‘Ramayana’ means the life history of Rama. Written by Sage Valmiki, it is an epic, Itihasa, depicting the traditions, ideologies and heroes of ancient India and whose characters provide role-models for the child and adult alike.  Every ancient culture carries myths and stories that provide a framework wherein people can live a simple life committed to truth and beauty. Events described are historical like those in the plays of William Shakespeare and the novels of Walter Scott. Valmiki, known as a Mahakavi, (great poet) wrote the Ramayana.  A Mahakavya is a literay work in which all nine sentiments or Navarasas enjoy equal importance and are treated equally through the epic.