Gajendra Moksha

A Video Course on Devotion & Prayers: Gajendra Moksha by Swami Pratyagbodhananda Saraswati.

Gajendra Moksha abounds with allegories in every aspect of the text. Gajendra, the arrogant king of a herd of elephants, symbolizes the individual. The pleasure-seeking attitude of the elephant, which lands him in the deathly grip of an alligator, is comparable to that of those who are engrossed in the pursuit of pleasures, unmindful of the mire that is in store for them. When the mire starts to drag them down, Bhagavan becomes the last resort, and it is his feet they cling on to, letting go of the grip of Samsara. Will their prayers be answered? How? In these classes, Swamiji will explain how a devotee in distress who surrenders to the Lord receives protection.