Bhaja Govindam

Bhaja Govindam (To Seek Govinda) was originally known as Moha-Mudgara, which means “mallet of delusion.”  In these thirty-one verses, Shankara delivers some strokes of the mallet in order to rouse us from delusion and restore objectivity.  The current title, Bhaja Govindam, means “To seek or know Govinda (Lord Krishna) as the purpose of life”. A distinguishing …

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The Mundaka Upanisad, which occurs in the Athavra Veda, consists of sixty-four mantras divided into three chapters (mundakas), each of which is subdivided into two cantos (khandas). ‘What is that knowing which everything else is known?’ – asks this Upanishad, and proceeds to answer the question, with the classification of knowledge into lower (apara) and …

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