Swami Viditatmananda Saraswati

Kena Upanisad

“By whom (kena, i.e., by whose mere intent) is the impelled mind directed?” With this profound question, the Kena Upanishad begins. One of the shortest Upanishads, Kena offers one of the most thorough presentations of Vedanta in its first two chapters. The prose of the last two chapters narrates how the gods take credit for […]

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Katha Upanisad

Part of the Krishna Yajurveda, and one of the most popular Upanishads, Katha Upanishad comprises two parts and 120 verses. It is one of the ten Upanishads Shankara commented on, and comes to us in the form of a dialogue between young seeker Nachiketa and Lord Yama (Death). Lord Yama test Nachiketa’s qualifications as a

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Action and Renunciation

For a seeker of self-knowledge, there are two committed lifestyles proffered by the Bhagavad Gita (3.3): Pursuit of knowledge while performing one’s duties and Total commitment to the pursuit of knowledge, renouncing all other pursuits. Which should one choose? In these Eight Classes, Swamiji addresses this highly relevant topic. A Video Course (Course Code –

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Values and Conflicts

Our quality of life is always threatened by conflict. In these courses, Swamiji shows that the root of all conflict is not outside, but within, and that we encounter this inner conflict whenever we must negotiate personal desires versus universal values. Swamiji addresses how to manage-and resolve-this pervasive conflict during this series of classes. A

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